How to refresh my sqlite 3 database through node red

Sir, I am doing a code in which user choice I am taking ,So if user wants to refresh it Database just by entering any input that input I am taking on MQTT pub node and then that pub node should trigger my Refresh Function and it should automatically trigger my DB and user gets the updated DB .(So how to write Refresh Func I am not getting please help.)

Sir ,anyone please help in this.

Please remember that this is a world wide forum. At any time 30% of those who might help may be asleep, in addition 50% may be involved in paid employment. This forum is mostly populated by volunteers who also have to earn a living. Of the rest many will not have specific knowledge of the particular question being asked.
The net result is that there are very few (if any) people online at any particular time so to ask a question and then repeat it only a couple of hours later is pointless.

Finally, to ask questions that are not clear is also pointless. You have asked how to refresh a database without explaining what you mean by refreshing the database. Also, what does "user gets updated DB" mean?

Sir , I have a DB (sqlite3 ) in my project where we are inserting some commands according to the person who is scanning his valid ID ,so i want that user should have one option in his app in which if he click that button and recent inserted data get refresh automatically

Sorry Sir, I will take care in future.

Again I have to ask, what does "recent inserted data get refreshed" mean?

You are asking a question that is open ended and so there is no realistic way we can provide an answer.

You clearly have some kind of application - written in Node-RED? - and that application sounds fairly complex with specific security requirements (considering that it involves scanning and validating an ID). This forum is not a free resource for doing application design.

However, if you can ask a specific Node-RED/SQLite question about how to use the SQLite node for example, then there are probably people who can help.

No sir ,dont take my question in wrong direction ,Firstly i am sorry Sir.
Sir my project design:
User has few inputs like
1)enter fob id
2)trade id
3)fob+trade id

I am taking this data through MQTT pub and validating by my sqlite3 db through node red functions.
after successfull validation my database shows like this

Now I want to design one more input from user where he wants to Refresh my DB ,So how can i do that in node.
Thank you .

Why do not answer questions fully? What does Refresh my DB mean?

In different scenario my DB is getting updated but as you can see in screenshot there is one refresh symbol which i have to click and then i got the updated data as well as in my web server side i want whenever user want to get the latest updated validated value he can get that in a single click that all i want Sir.

So you want something in node red to refresh the view in the database browser?

yes sir, I want this and same should user can do from UI dashboard side

Does the database browser have an API that you can use from node red to tell it to refresh?

no sir,i am using software name db browser for sqlite there no such API option available.

Well how can node-red tell the database browser to update if there is no api?

Ok then sir any idea or suggestion how can i do this.

I believe that there is no way that node-red can interact with another application such as the database browser if that application does not provide an api to do it. Can you imagine the security implications if a web page or remote server could interact with an application on your PC and tell it to transfer money from your bank account for example?
I suppose you could have a little robot connected to the PC that moves the mouse and clicks the button.

So sir any other method can you suggest on this?

Shipra, I am unclear about what you want to do. Do you have two databases and you want to copy the contents of database A and replace the contents of database B?

If so you can
1 - backup DB-B
2 - do an export from DB-A
3 - delete all data from DB-B
4 - insert the export from DB-A into DB-B

Knowing that you have taken our advice and done tutorials on sqlite, you should be able to do this all on your own...unless this is not what you want to do.

If you want to do something different then please explain - in detail - what you want to do.

yes sir i want to copy my data from a file to B file which is .csv file