How to reset rbe?

I try to reset narrowband but maybe I don't understand how this works.
10 = PASS
10 = PASS
10 = PASS
12 = BLOCK because change of value compared to last output is greater or equal to 1
inject "reset" = to clear the stored value for all topics
12 = should pass now....but it doesn't.....
How can I reset narrowband ?


You have set msg.payload to the string "reset" whereas you need to set msg.reset. It isn't clear from the help what you have to set it to, but I think setting it to boolean true would probably do it.


Even a blank msg causes a reset.

Thank's !!! Now it works....

You don't need to use a change node, just format your inject node the same as my screenshot above.

@GeorgeX may not be using an up to date version of node red, so may not be able to set msg.reset in the inject node.

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