How to review trends in the chart of previous days

How can I check the trend of previous days in the chart to see how the history in the chart behaves? Could you help me with this topic and can or can you do searches on the chart with dates?

The chart does not store data that has been scrolled off it so there is no way of doing what you want without storing historical data in some sort of database.
If you want to do such things I strongly suggest you look at using influxdb for storing the data and grafana for charting it. Then a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you.

So I have to save them in a database, then make the query to the respective one and take them to the chart and the other option is the one you ask me is to use "influexdb to store the data and grafana to show them" I will try the latter to see how it works for me Thanks for the help.

Depending on how you want to save and process data, you could perhaps just use a simple file save. I've adapted the flow Simple save and restore for node-red-dashboard chart for my room temperature charts so they're saved and reloaded through reboots or power cuts.

It should be easy enough to read the file at any time to e.g. find trends, min/max etc.

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