How to run two spawned exec nodes sequential

Hello Node-RED forum,

I have only just started so please forgive me my 'beginners problems',

I am running two commands in exec nodes, they should run sequential (second program uses the output of the first). This works fine when I just put one behind the next.
However, I have now also connected a node to update me on progress (through websocket).

When I try to run the first node in spawned mode my progress updates look much better (program takes some time), but my second node gets triggered every time (as I could expect).

My question: Is there a trick to let the second exec node run after the first finishes but where the first node can still run in 'spawned' mode to provide constant updates ?

like I said, this might sound quite trivial, but I can't seem to get it working so I hope the forum can help.


The 3rd output on the exec node is the return code so that shouldn’t fire until complete

Thank you !

I was certain that I had tried that already but turns out that now everything is working fine...

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