How to send and receive messages between nodes?


As far as I know, Nodes send and receive messages between nodes in an event-driven manner.
For example, you can view the results for data generated, such as debug nodes.
Within the debug node, we checked that messages were sent and received using the public and the subscription.

So I'm currently developing a new component using Node-RED,
do you have any documents related to event-handler?
Or is there a place where I can see related information?

If you know the information, please share it with me.

Hi @zl2su

there were a couple blog posts last year that described some of the way messages passing related to the node.js event loop - and some of the changes that went into the 1.0 release

Are there specific questions you had about it? I'd be happy to answer them if I can - but without more information about what you're looking for, its hard to know what information to provide.

Oh, that was the information I was looking for. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing the information.
I'll refer to it and try again.!!!!

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