How to set my iot interface module correcly with http node type?


I'm trying to make connection beteen my IOT and node red using http endpoint.

During one year, i'm designing my electronic card with TCP protocol with succes (IOT TCP client, NR server), but i want to test http advantage.

I have read the datasheet of module to configure, but i don't understand mécanism.

So, i have this web page on my TCP/UART module converter :

I only set the remote server adress where NR run, all other fields are by default.
In httpd type, i can choose "post" method too.
How can i set this page please ?

Could you give me a way to establish connection with node red please ?

Thank you very much

To get you started...

  • Open the page in Chrome
  • Open DEVTOOLS (F12)
  • Select the Network TAB
  • Make some changes to the values
  • Store the changes
  • Look in the network TAB for posts that occurred after pressing the button. If this unit follows common conventions, then you will see all the necessary info (like data format and headers etc) that you can use to recreate the operation via a node-red http-request node.

My node red application send command to my PCB card, and this one send the answer to confirm.

Can you tell me what is the best method to communicate ? HTTP ? TCP ? or WebSocket ?

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