How to set the _field tag to write to influxdb using the influxdb out node?

Hey everyone,

I'm new to node-red and already learned a lot from browsing this forum.

I have a little flow that right now uses a single object to write a value into influx db using the influxdb out node.
My problem is, that the entries made in influxdb have _value as the _field tag where I want it do be AT and I don't get why that is. The object send to the influxdb out node is


I am thankful for hints and ideas and happy to learn.

Welcome to the forum @HerrLux

As described in the help text for the node, you can pass on object in msg.payload with the property AT set to the value.

You do that in a Change node configured like this

Then feed that into a Debug node to make sure it looks right before connecting to the Influx node.

Thank you very much Colin.

In between your two replies I came up with a function note that does the trick for me

msg.payload = [{
       "AT": msg.payload,
return msg;

If you want to do it in a function (which is less efficient than a change node) then you can take out the square brackets. It doesn't need to be an array. Again, see the help text for the node.