How to show a node status to dashboard


I'm new on Node Red and I'm making some test on Siemens S7 communication.

All works very well but I would like to display a warning in dashboard when communication with PLC is not active.

I note that is the palette is available "Status node" but this node doesnt have payload.

How is possible to show the status of a node in dashboard?




Forgetting about the dashboard for the moment, do you know how to determine that the comms is not active?

The Status node allows you to pick up the Status of a node and pass it on in a message, it is not a dashboard node. It can be used when the node you are interested in shows a status message.



Hi Coling,
first of all thank for reply!

The only way to trap if the PLC is connected to system is to test the status of a node that reads any information.

It is for this reason that I thinked to "Status node" node that can point on the status of a single node but I can not find a way to display it in a dashboard!

It would perhaps be enough to be able to access the .text property of the node "Status" using a function but I do not know how it's possible.





You can use a Change node to Move msg.text To msg.payload. Then the text will be in the payload so you can send it to a dashboard text display node.
If you wanted to you could instead use a Switch node to test the value of msg.text and send the status message to different outputs of the Switch node. Then on those outputs you can connect Change nodes that set msg.payload to more meaningful messages for you and then send the outputs of all those change nodes to a text display node.



Can you help me in theese nodes configurations?
It's my first day in using node Red....



Have a look at the change and switch nodes. Read the info tabs and then have a play to see what they do. Use inject nodes to feed messages in and put debug nodes on the outputs to see what happens. If you can't understand what is happening then ask questions here.



Ok solved! Many thanks