How to split object data realtime database?

I have a data object in the real-time database. I want to retrieve the object's contents, namely the pump and timestamp, and display the data in a table. How do I do it? What nodes should I install? thank you

You need to change the format of your data to match the expected format of the ui_table.

the help shows you an example...

You can achieve this in the built in nodes
e.g. a function node or possibly a change node (using JSONata) or a combination of split --> join nodes

Thank you very much for helping, bu I still don't understand how to separate object id (MFI *********), and there is a constraint where I can't change the data format in firebase

You dont need to change the format of your database. You use Javascript (in a function) or JSONata or a combination of split and join nodes. Did you try any of these?

post some sample data in a reply by copying the data from the debug

like this...


then post it in a reply

paste the copied data between backticks like this

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