How to start node-red with source code

As part of my analysis of various workflow tools and choose the best option to use for my inhouse development, I am trying to understand node-red. I want to understand is it possible to do development work and prod deployments the same way - using the source code of node-red?

What I want to do is get the node-red source code from github, check it into my inhouse repository, build and package node-red and deploy it on inhouse openshift clusters. That should act as the node-red server to which my custom UI would make API calls to create and execute workflows.

For development on my local machine, I want to do something similar, build the node-red code and bring the server up and then make API calls from custom UI to hit this "local" server.

This I can be sure that the deployments to actual servers would work since they follow the same approach of building and deploying (conceptually atleast) that was used during development.

The question is, is it possible to do it this way from node-red source code? I want it this way instead of directly installing it either locally or on servers because that is not allowed in my org due to security concerns.

Generally we would recommend you use the npm packaged modules we publish to npm. Even if you clone the code from github and build it, you will still need to npm install all of the dependencies.

If you already have a way to manage those dependencies locally, then you might as well include the node-red modules in that - so you can install it properly.

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