How to strip out unwanted MQTT inputs(?)

Newbie(ish) question: I have managed to set up my Node_RED RPi to receive MQTT messages with the topic home/rtl_433 from an MQTT broker installed on a different RPi.

But there are a load of messages that I am not interested in, and I don't know how to "filter them out" or delete / remove them.

EG: I do not want these messages ...

home/rtl_433 : msg.payload : Object
time: "2021-01-26 17:29:25"
brand: "OS"
model: "Oregon-v1"
id: 0
channel: 4
battery_ok: 0
temperature_C: -157.7

... but I do want these ...

home/rtl_433 : msg.payload : Object
time: "2021-01-26 17:29:16"
model: "Oil-SonicSmart"
id: 136628653
flags: 128
maybetemp: 24
temperature_C: 8.333
binding_countdown: 0
depth_cm: 96

How might I achieve this?

Many thanks!

if you had given your mqtt topics another value eg


You could target the topic to the device. To get all devices you could then use wildcard e.g. home/+/rtl_433

As you have not, you can use a switch node to only allow message to pass on certain message property value, etc.

You can use a Switch node to only pass messages where msg.payload.model is Oil-SonicSmart.

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