How to turn on RGB LED based on Temp from BME below 20 C

I am a teacher and pretty new to NR. I was given a curriculum that has a challenge that I am not sure how to complete. We want our RGB LED to turn on when the temperature reading from a BME280 is below a certain point. We had used a msg payload to display the temperature but I am unsure what flow we would use to get the temperature to turn the RGB on or off depending on the temp. Basically we want a warming light if the temp is too cold. Any help would be greatly appreciated especially with pics of flow and code if needed.

Hello @kstenek, welcome to Node-red.

Are you using a Raspberry Pi, or some other computer?

What sort of RGB LED do you have - is it just an LED with 4 wires, or a little board that includes resistors?

So you already have a way to get the temperature reading into Node-red.

Now you need to test if it's below your certain temperature, using a Switch node and a couple of Change nodes to chage the payload value to 0 (for off) or 1 (for on).
Finally a GPIO-out node actually controls the GPIO pin.

Something like this

There is a YouTube video showing how you can wire up and control the LED. He uses an RGB led on a small board, which is easier to manage than a bare wires LED.

A regular contributor here, @dynamicdave, has a lot of projects with his local school computer club. I know he has one to control LEDs according to a temperature measurement, maybe he can point you to it.

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Here is a copy of @dynamicdave project that @jbudd was referencing
control_leds_using_temp_value.pdf (297.9 KB)

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We are using a RPi 4. And we know how to wire both sensors with what we have, just were unsure which nodes to use. Information i had read said you cannot send 1 and 0's with msg payload.

Thank you so much. using the switch and change nodes makes perfect sense now.

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