How to use the Aedes MQTT broker?

Two of us are using the same server pc. So will have to wait for the other to finish what he needs to do.

We have tried to click on the node id before. It doesn't take us to a node. Will try the Ctrl+F later.

I kind of understand what MQTT is and does. Have watched one or more videos. Just forgot that "local" could mean "local network".

Will try the MQTT Explorer.

That often means its coming from a subflow. Do you have subflows?

If searching the ID doesnt work, try searching or 102 for clues

Found an unused node. Deleted and Deploy again. No more such error messages.

Still not uploading

Have you connected MQTT explorer to the cloud broker & watched the topics you are publishing to?

What happens if you subscribe to a topic that you publish to - do you get data back?


Good morning, Steve. Thank you for your continued reply. Today is Saturday for me. The lab is closed. Will get back to you on Monday.

Hi, Steve.

Using MQTT Explorer, I can connect to and view the topics and messages on $SYS.

However, I cannot connect to or the TDC-E device on DECADA. Got an error message, "Disconnected from server".

It might be a security thing. I.e. they may disconnect anyone trying to access topics they are not permitted to see.

Edit the topics to watch in the settings of MQTT explorer before connecting.

Have entered the topics earlier. Same problem.

But did you remove SYS and # ?

No. Supposed to remove these two?

I don't know. That's why I used the word "might"...

Also, did you do this test? What was the result?

The publishing and subscribing seem fine in the flow that you shared for importing.

Hmmm.... Let me try something similar on my TDC-E flow.

Same error message: "Disconnected from server"

So, you are saying...

  • node-red connects to this cloud based MQTT server (green connected status)?
  • node-red can publish (and subscribe) as per the test flow to this cloud based MQTT server?
  • In MQTT Explorer you have only subscribed to topics of interest?

Where you said "The publishing and subscribing seem fine in the flow that you shared for importing." - is that to this cloud based MQTT or a local network broker?

I am unsure where you are at TBH.

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The local network broker

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