How to write 4 values with with calculated times in InfluxDB?


I get via mqtt every 20 minutes a record and in the record are 4 values, which are values of each 5 minutes distance.
These values are then to be written into an influxdb as if they were written into the influxdb at intervals of 5 minutes.
I get the four values separately and also the times I get calculated, but how do I get each value with the calculated time, in the influxdb, so that the 4 values are not written to the InfluxDB with an equal time and that later the grafana analysis can work with it normally?

uplink_time: "2023-10-15T14:49:53.766173993Z"
wert_4: 20009602
wert_3: 20009582
wert_2: 20009564
wert_1: 20009544


You can specify the time by writing the time value you want (in whatever time units you have specified in the influxdb out node's config, I think) by providing a time field value.

In the example data, what time values do you want for the four values? Are the values all for the same thing in the real world?

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