Http control of a Marantz Amplifier

Hi, I just installed the Marantz http control node, I realise it's quite old now but has anyone got this working? I have an NR1510 Receiver and I can view and control it from my browser on its IP address and port 10443 but when I add the ip:10433 to the marantz configuration and use a Marantz-http-out node with the example string for switching power off nothing happens and I get the status "inactive" on the node.

Is this too old for my receiver?
Any ideas?


Does the receiver have a published API? Can you use the standard http-request node? Does it need any kind of authentication to use it?

Not that I can find, I just used the example from the GIT page, I assume that things have moved on since the node was published and authorisation may be needed although I can just visit the IP address with my browser and access the control page without any authorisation.

Not to worry, I was just hoping someone was using the node succesfully and could give me an example.

did you see this...

... maybe get you started?

You can use your browser's dev tools to see what is going on under the covers. You may well be able to then reproduce that in Node-RED. Go to the page, press F12 then click on the network tab and reload the page. You will see all of the network traffic and as you click on the lines, you will see the detailed requests and responses.

Good idea I will give that a try, thanks.

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