Http get request keep alive for auto login use

I am trying to automate log in on my router to retrieve connection info and log out again.

I made 2 connection functions (2 x bundle of a couple of nodes with each a manual trigger node):

  1. get request to retrieve a hidden login code from the login page. (Works)
  2. post request with use of this login code + username and password in a form set-up. (Works not)

The thing is that in a browser every time the login page of the router website is opened the secret code gets refreshed in de background. This is even done automatically by a build in count down (every couple of mins) in the login page.

I am not able to get the the second function, the post function, working.

My suggestion is what goes wrong is that when the first function retrieved the website the connecting closes.

So when the second function starts manually, and and a post request started, the hidden code retrieved in the first function is not valid anymore because a new page is opened by the post request.

Can this be the case? Help needed, I am no expert :slight_smile:

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