HTTP In - how to not parse based on content-type?

Hi all, I need the raw body of the POST request coming in to my endpoint as part of a SHA-256 signature verification. Unfortunately I can't control the Content-Type of the incoming request (it's fixed as application/json by a 3rd party). What can I do within Node-RED to get the raw request body? Thanks

Attach a debug node, set to show complete message. In the debug window, expand all properties, do you find what you are looking for?

If not, paste a sample (use the copy value button that appears under your mouse when you hover over the debug message) and describe what you expect/hope to convert it to.

No, I'm just getting msg.req.body as a nested Object (presumably parsed by HTTP in node as the raw request body). Trying JSON.stringify() on the Object doesn't allow the signature verification to succeed; instead of converting the Object, I believe I need the original contents - any way to get that? I imagine there's perhaps newlines, carriage returns, and other whitespace in the original raw data that might be lost when the HTTP In node does its magic to return an Object. But such information matters when doing a checksum/hash as in this use case

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