Http request debug payload is truncated

I'm trying to compare the payload size between a xml and json payload. I have a HTTP request node polling an MTConnect adapter once per second.

When I connect a debug node to the http request node, I do not get the full payload but a truncated version, but after passing the output through a XML node to convert it to JSON the debug node has the full payload.

Is this hitting some sort of max string length issue?


Debug is limited (deliberately - for performance reasons)

Enable console output and check the console for full message.


Alternatively, use something like node-red-contrib-flogger (or a file out node) to write debug messages to file.

Ahh, that's helpful, but the lack of consistency is still interesting since I'm getting the full JSON object.


Out of interest, what are you using to communicate with MTConnect? Is this talking to Fanuc equipment? Other?

I know they are Okuma lathes. Typically if the equipment is Fanuc based we just go ahead and use FOCAS via Kepserver.

Currently the lathes are being polled by Kepserver via MTConnect but we're occasionally getting errors so I decided to see what it would take to poll it via Node Red and see if I still had any errors, which I have not. I've been polling one lathe for a couple of days and it hasn't missed a beat, so the problem may have something to do with Kepserver.

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