Http request "no response from server" catch error

I have a http request node and a catch node.
When I have a "No response from server" in a test is a timeout, the catch node isn't triggered
Do I need to configure something or the timeout is not considered as an error?

Thank you

Depending on the issue, an exception might not be throw. e.g. a 404 does not result in an error being thrown.

Try putting a debug (set to show complete message) on the output of the http request node, then expand all the properties - I think you will see somewhere in there a status 404 or similar. Typically you should expect a 200 or 201 - use a switch node to direct your flow.

use a catch node for actual exceptions (e.g. ECONNREFUSED will throw an error)

I undrestand it is like this
but the flow hangs here
and it stops

Nothing out of debug? (PS, did you set debug node to show full message)?

Is your catch node set to catch all errors?

Yes, man
everything is done.
I am unable to understand what is happening
is it possible to setup the http request to a lower timeout?


I need to go to the bed
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have found
the problem is the timeout.
After modifying it as per your suggestion, it works as expected.
Thank you very much

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