Http-request-node "Enable connection keep-alive" seems not to work


I am using node red 3.0.2

I tick the setting "Enable connection keep-alive" in a request node. I do not set any headers or something else before, only an inject node (timestamp set there) fires constantly.

with tcpdump I can see, that the client request hast set "Connection: close". Also The complete TCP connection is always started from the beginning.
Shouldn't the HTTP request node set "Connection: keep-alive" instead to leave the connection open for the next request?


Hi @Cyber

Can you raise an issue with these details?

I did a bunch of work on the request node for 3.1 and I remember seeing this, but it was a while ago and I cannot immediately recall whether I addressed it for 3.1 or not - either way, we should check.

did so, thanks.

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