Http request node requestTimeout

I've got a http request that can take longer than the default timeout and I'd rather not change the default for the other nodes. I've tried setting msg.requestTimeout as per the documentation to a larger number but doesn't seem to have an effect. Is "requestTimeout" correct or has it changed? If it is correct is it working for anyone else running v.1.2.6? Feel free to recommend any further checks. Thanks.

  • what value did you set it to?
  • are you sending this property in the msg that goes into the http request node? (sorry, to ask, cant assume anything)

can you show the debug output of the message that goes into the http request (ensure show full message is set in the debug node)

Hello, no worries it's worth double checking these things. The amount is 5m (300000ms). I'm setting it via a change node. I hadn't tried setting the value to less than default (I've now tried 1000) which actually showed that it was working. Which raises the question if there is a maximum value or is there some logic overriding it?
An example debug message with the same process is below.

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