Http request to mqtt doesn't pass the content? manually injecton works!

Hey node-red´ers

  • A esp32 with an OLED sends every 10 sec to a MQTT Topic a message.
  • Than my website generates data and makes a JSON.
  • This json should send to MQTT OUT .

The part at the bottom works. So my ESP are getting the Data which are manually injected.
I'm also seeing the JSON in debug 7
The HTTP Request works - but the data won't send to the matrixDaten Topic

What do I miss here? Any suggestions?

My guess would be that you are using a subtly different topic for the two mqtt out nodes.

Of course it is only a guess because you haven't shown us either the JSON for your flow or the data.

Suggestion: add an mqtt in node to monitor all topics (#) and connect it to a debug node.

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As well as showing us what is in the message to the mqtt nodes, feed the lower inject into the top mqtt node to check the problem is not there.

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Thanks for your replys. It helped me, because so I know that my flow was not complete a mess :slight_smile:

I changed the URL from the HTTP Request to: - with this test url my flow works. Although my JSON is valid, I have to investigate once more.


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