HTTP Request with changing bearer token

Hello I am new to this topic and honestly a complete beginner. Together with a customer I tried to read the variables of a measurement instrument from his cloud via HTTP request. After authentication, we received a Bearer Token as a response to a post command from his cloud. I did this using an Inject node and a function. The result is a debug information with the " Bearer + ..... token". This token can change from time to time. If I want to make a HTTP request with the URL to the asset I have to give the request the authentication with the current token. How can I realize this?

Bearer tokens are meant to be short-lived and refreshed by the server as needed. Unfortunately, they are often misused.

You may need to check the output of your request to see if the bearer changed from you sending it to receiving a new one. If that isn't happening, then the bearer is being used to time out a session which means that you will need to log in again and record the new token before submitting your query.

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