httpNodeAuth in settings.js only works for last user

Hi Dears,

I am using the httpNodeAuth in settings.js to define several users for my dashboard application. I include one httpNodeAuth: {user:"user-1",pass:"hash-1"} for each user. However, only the last user declaration works. Any suggestion ?



I think the existing config example is misleading, so my guess is, if you had multiple users, you'd have to pass an array of user objects, like:

httpNodeAuth: [

Hi Kuema,

I already tried this way, but does not work. When I launch the node-red, it shows a sintaxe error in the settings.js.


httpNodeAuth only supports providing a single username/password.

Okay... all in all, it was just an assumption that it goes along with the scheme used by the adminAuth property. :sweat_smile:

Just FYI, DashBoard 2.0 v1 supports Multi User (only with FlowFuse User Authentication)
PS: this version has not yet been released

Thanks for your information, Gogo Vega and knolleary.

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