HTTPS POST question


I suspect this may have been answered in other posts but I can't really follow so apologies for asking again in the hope someone can give me a nice simple answer.

My mobile phone company will allow me to send an SMS to my phone by visiting URL

So, I'm hoping to use this to get notifications from flows. I have an inject node passing string to an http request node but not sure how to get the URL in there. Tried lots but running out of patience.



If you look at the info panel for the http request node it has all the options for the node, which includes setting msg.url for the URL of the request


Thanks @ukmoose

I've managed to get their. I had to put my message in the "Topic" of the inject node and use {{{topic}}} in the URL.


You could have also left the url field blank in the Request node, and used a Change node to set msg.url to whatever value you wanted.


Good to know. In this case it's just the message text that changes each time.