HX711 load cell node

Hi everyone. I'm still a beginner and I'm preparing a program that displays the current weight on node red using a load cell and hx711 and raspberry pi3. I have the python program that calculates the weight it works well but when I try to associate this with node red I'm completely blocked since I would like to take the result generated by my python program and display it on nod red directly. I looked in the node red palette if an hx711 library do exist but i found nothing then Ive decided to build my own node red hx711 node I found that i have to assemble three types of files : html js and jason to do this. I found these three files well prepared by someone but I'm stuck there I don't know how to do that

am i thinking right ? can anybody tell me how to do that just by using raspberry ?

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You can use the exec node to execute your python program and return the result.

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Yes - agree - to start with I'd recommend just using the the exec node (possibly with python -u option to ensure the output is unbuffered). Creating your own node that uses external libraries on day one is hard. Get it working how you want it to work - then see if there are sensible options that a bespoke node could help with, then think about implementing.

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thank you guys for the answer. its really helpfull