I am not able to upload data to Thingspeak


When i requested for data from Thingspeak using http, there was this error. Hence, i started everything again and upload data to Thingspeak to see what is the issue. i am not able to upload to thingspeak. Can anyone help me out?

Do you have a dns server configured on the device you are running node-red on ?

how does configuring dns server on the device i am using solve the problem?

You need to have a dns server configured else it does not know where to go.

You mean it must have a DNS entry, (not running a server). Usually on a pi this is automatically set in /etc/reso!v.conf. . if you can't ping api.thingspeak.com try setting it to (the public cloudflare DNS server)

do i ping api.thingspeak.com from the raspberry pi terminal?

if that is the machine that needs to talk to thingspeak yes...

so if im not able to ping to thingspeak, i need to have a DNS server like setting the DNS server of my raspberry pi to

As I suggested - try editing the /etc/resolv.conf file to point at
and retry ping.
If not then yes you need to work out why your device is not connecting to the internet correctly.

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Can you ping If not then you have no internet connection, or it is blocking some addresses.
If you can then can you ping google.com?
If not then you have a DNS problem of some sort (or google is being blocked).

I cannot ping api.thingspeak.com either. (nor thingspeak.com), nslookup does return ip.

so I guess their server is down... or maybe they block ping.

i think that that is the problem. As i had slow internet, probably that is why there is an error message. Thanks for suggesting to configure the DNS server and other response!

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