I don't install node-red-contrib-rtsp-client

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I couldn't install this colleague's contribution?

Any suggestion ?

The post you link to includes the instructions for how to install it. You have not run the command given in the instructions.

My node-red-contrib-rtsp-client node is only available on github and not on npm, since I had not enough free time to finalize the last pieces of it.

Is it possible to make this wonderful contribution available on npm?

I'm a little lost on how to get this code from git hub and install it on node red

I know you must be very busy and this node is a voluntary contribution.

But I would be extremely grateful if you could please.

It will solve a big problem of mine here.

No, I almost have no free time left anymore for Node-RED. When I publish it on npm, people start using it, and expect me to solve all their issues with it...

And I am by far an ffmpeg expert. As a result I need to forward all my questions to our guru @kevinGodell, who is also very busy.

If I remember correctly I haven't found a way to extract separate jpegs from it. That was a basic requirement for my own home automation to develop this node, but I failed to do that. Cpu usage became very high.
So this node became useless for me...

You can install the node from my Github repository like this:

  1. Install git
  2. Navigate to your .node-red folder
  3. Execute npm install bartbutenaers/node-red-contrib-rtsp-client in this folder