"I don't need to protect my system on the Internet, it isn't valuable" - If you think that, please read

Please note this sombre warning from a major security vendor in response to the recent botnet attack that used SMART TOOTHBRUSHES. If a toothbrush can do this, your Node-RED system certainly can.

“Every device that is connected to the Internet is a potential target – or can be misused for an attack,” said Stefan Züger, head of system technology at Fortinet Switzerland. Mr Züger advised owners of smart technologies to take measures to protect themselves.

“Otherwise, sooner or later you will become a victim – or your own device will be misused for attacks,” he said.

Please do not connect the Editor page directly to the Internet.

And while you are thinking about this - please:

a) Don't buy Internet connected goods unless they NEED to be Internet connected. Just why would you do that?
b) If you do have internet connected devices, lock down their connections.


But mine has a rotating brush head?

(Sorry for the spam, but I saw the opportunity)

So does mine - but the only Internet involved is me browsing on my phone while cleaning my teeth. :grinning:

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First thing in the morning my toothbrush is smarter than me and it doesn't even have a battery.

Is there a link to the smart toothbrush story?

Edit: Ah, it's starting to look like fake news.

Some cyber security researchers have questioned the report, doubting that such a large number of toothbrushes could be compromised.

... the original article doesn’t mention any type or model of toothbrush, the name of the victim or the suspected perpetrator, or the motive behind the distributed denial of service attack.

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Ah well, its the thought that counts! We've seen plenty of other DDOS stories about IoT devices anyway. And you know its only a matter of time! :woozy_face: