I don't understand this error message I am seeing

I open a function node and write code.

I see this:

But where is/are these errors?

Are you using the latest version of node red?

I thought I was, but it is 1.2.2

Was the hidden meaning in my question clear?

I think it means I need to update.

Sorry. I am just going nuts on a bit of Javascript stuff just now and I am really getting frustrated with how to get around the problem.

The yellow triangle shows that there might be an issue in that line, it might happen if you mix/non-match double/single quotes and the line is not properly "closed" of with the proper quote.

and i believe that inline styles cannot be written with spaces between them.


<font color = "black" ...>


<font color="black" ...>

I would recommend to use inline styles instead on a p tag (or something else) as the font tag is not valid html5 (browser may still interpret it correctly, but for how long?):

<p style="color:black"...>

Hi @Trying_to_learn

As Colin has implied, there was a fix in a more recent Node-RED version for a problem with the syntax checking inside the Function node that would cause that 'too many errors' warning. It does not mean your code is full of errors!

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I am trying to get all the machines up to date, but....... What I want and what is are a lot of times very different.

I now have it at the latest version (only 1 up from what I had) and the problem seems to have gone away.

Sorry for crying wolf - again.

Thanks all for the replies.

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