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I have created a node Red program that processes data sent into the program from an iot device via the cloud. Is there any way to make some kind of interface or web page etc. so i can nicely display the outputs as information for a user

You have already had an answer to this in your other thread - IBM Watson Sensor Support

In case it wasn't clear enough - look at node-red-dashboard.

Once again, please don't start multiple threads when you are already being helped in one.

Are going to help me or just tell me to go back to my original thread which isn't even related wow

No, I'm going to point you to the answer you have already received to this question and politely ask you not to repost questions you have already had a response to. If you wanted to follow up the response you have already received with further questions, then by all means, go for it. But to ignore the answers you've already had and repost the question again is not ideal.

Im not ignoring the aswer this is legit another topic/question

In that other thread, you asked:

Do you know anyway I can take the output from the nodes and import them back to the IBM cloud to make some kind of user interface?

And you received the response:

Why not use the dashboard?
You can add dashboard by the pallete manager.

I apologies if you are actually asking a different question in this topic, but it reads very similar to me.

@rayy, the point is you need to try stuff first. We have pointed you to the dashboard and I've provided links to documentation that will help you help yourself.

You will learn much more by trial and error than by having people do it for you.

Have a look at these...

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Let's start again.

Have a look at Node-RED Dashboard. It can be use to create a dashboard with the data you have in a Node-RED flow.

There are lots of guides online for how to use it. Have a search around and see what you can do. If you get stuck on a particular bit, then I'm sure we'll be able to help