Ideas or suggestions on monitor NAS or SAMBA via NR?

One idea is to use a service such as which is only $9 a year for personal scale use, and then have NR consolidate said service reporting. But I got to think that collection the data such a service collects via their custom agent would be an interesting NR project, and maybe even of interest to others?

You should start by thinking about what you actually want to monitor. There are lots of ways to do it without any external services (which would need to you expose your devices to the Internet).

Perhaps you can run Telegraf and gather CPU, memory, etc. Or it is likely that your NAS already has SNMP which Node-RED has a node for.

Yup, the big 4 is always the foundation for monitoring, CPU, memory, Disk IO and Network IO. These are often the foundation for monitoring hypervisors and virtual machines as well. Specific of note to storage devices, is the tendency to focus on IO throughput, but taking disk or network IO statistics out of context of CPU and memory is not a good idea.

What I am looking at as well, is the various tweaks to the Samba configuration, that can benefit overall performance. Initial testing I am using a Pi4 with 4GB, and USB 3.0 drives. Of course USB by definition has some clear limits, but I don't need a high performance NAS implementation, just want to make sure if it is failing to perform any degrading is identified.

Right, so try Telegraf with InfluxDB and Grafana. Grafana also supports alerting.

Here you can see that my home server (an old Lenovo laptop) is ridiculously underutilised :slight_smile:

Should that be telegraf?

haha, oops! Yes, of course :blush:

I all too often seem to type those interchangeably. Thanks for spotting.

I corrected it.

Yeah, been looking for an excuse to play around with same. Guess now is the time.

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