If state is * for amount of time

Hi guys. I try to make my climate sensor know when is the cold season and when is hot season.
For that, i try to make a flow that measure if the outside temp is bigger then 15 °C for 3 days in a row.
The temperature sensor send the temp every 5 minutes.

Tested for less time but i dot understand how it works.. few random time output then nothing...
Also, i don't undestand how my test flow works, it't checking if the amount of time is reached on each state change or every time the minutes is set in condition?
It is a better way to achive this or at least makeit work?

later edit:

It's a state node as can be seen in the screenshot left background for Home Assistant

You may need to edit the topic to include the node name as I don't think it is a standard node.

If someone doesn't have the node, they come here (as I did) and read it, look at the screen shot and ...... !?!?!?!?


Maybe others will know the node from the screen shot.
(On that: it is interesting the node's name isn't included in the shot)

Anyway: good luck. I can't help you.

I think it's a HA ( home automation ) node.

The op might have better luck asking on the HA forum.

Also, If the op updates the title to include the node name, it might get better exposure to those on the forum that know about HA.

Lastly, @themsk if you can clearly describe (in bullet points) what you what to happen, I am certain we can show you how using standard node-red nodes.

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