Image on dashboard

ok lets go

Update - you might have missed


Wanna give the simpler base64 method a go first?

you have established that the above works .. so why not simply try with one dot in the image src ./LogoNSH.png

with ./LogoNSH.pngit did not work

thanks @Steve-Mcl it worked with templateand base64 image
now i just need to resize the picture, can it be done by code, or need i new base64 image for each size i want the logo?

can't you just set the width ...
<img src="../LogoNSH.png" width="120px" /> or use CSS?

is not working

I think that might be something to do with angular JS stripping styling and properties from the HTML.

Try creating a style and CSS class that sets the image width etc then use that class name in your img tag

Google is your friend for that.

@Steve-Mcl thank you very much

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