Include ip-address in logs for type audit

I found in the logfile for a successfull login:

2 Oct 15:04:27 - [audit] {"event":"auth.login.revoke","level":98,"user":{"username":"abcd","permissions":"*"},"path":"/auth/revo     ke","ip":"","timestamp":1696259067189}

Unfortunately for a not succussfull login attempt I can't find the ip-address in the log-entry.

2 Oct 15:10:14 - [audit] {"event":"","username":"xxx","client":"node-red-editor","scope":"","level":98     ,"timestamp":1696259414151}

This does not allow me to take action on this ip-address, e.g. block it.

Feature request:
Please add the ip-address of origin for a non successfull login attempt.

We have an item on the backlog for this already. It proved more complicated to achieve due to the set of libraries we use to handle Auth. I'll take another look.

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