Increasing PWM frequency beyond 100 Hz

Hi I'm using a Raspberry Pi to drive a PWM output. I use this output to regulate a 0-20 mA circuit . converting the PWM voltage into current. However the library node-red-node-pi-gpiod only allows a maximum of 100 Hz. This is fine to drive an LED but in my case it results in a very noisy DC signal.
Due to the very low frequency it is difficult to use LF filtering ( the signal is actually not even 100 Hz its 68) I looked into using a DAC but I'm not sure if there is a library for one around where the hardware is reasonable is price.
After some research I fond that pin 18 & 19 on Pi 3 support hardware PWM. Dose someone knows how to use the library to set the frequency higher or knows of some method to get a variable stable DC voltage 0-3.3 out of a PWM od I2C DAC.

In advance thank you for your help.

Have you tried using the standard GPIO Out node instead of gpiod? It can go faster, but is less accurate so you might not benefit.

On the gpiod node I believe the underlying library can go much faster but the node does not support it, I am not sure why.

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