Ingesting and digesting API best practice

It is looking like I will need to start working with a number of APIs. I have not worked with APIs with NR. I was just looking for some best practices. The API interfaces will have to do both reads and updates.


Do you mean you need to call APIs from node red, or you wish to implement an API in node red?

Thanks. I need to call APIs. Basically, I need to create a set of connectors between multiple 3rd party APIs.

I am thinking that I need to make some "pull" requests form a 3rd party API, store the data, do some data mapping, and then "push" that data to another 3rd party API.

I did find this which looks a tad interesting

It depends on what sort of APIs they are. If they are http then you can use the http nodes. Node-RED Cookbook : Node-RED

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