Inject Data into Postgres

Hi All

After going back to the drawing board after my previous post i need a little help understanding how to use templates and functions for my project

i have a postgresql database that i am trying to write to & query from user input and after hours of trial and error im not understanding 100%

to try and test to just query the data i am injecting a timestamp with my msg.topic to be the table i am trying to read from the mydb node the query is SELECT * FROM {{msg.tableName}}; and my msg.topic is set to the table production_dashboard_dashboard i have tried a few combinations of this. the error i get from debug is "error: syntax error at or near ";""

my hope is to allow users via the UI in fill in data into forms and that data is written into my DB for our dashboard to query later on

Hi Matthew,

What PostgreSQL node are you using?
Can you post a flow of what you have tried ?

There was a similar topic discussed here that you can study

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