Inject node time zones


I have a small problem with some NR instances that are not processing DST correct.

I have the current situation:
3 Node red containers with the same flows on 3 different Raspberry pi 4's in a docker swarm.

One instance of node red is handling Daylight Saving Time correct, 2 are not. The times on the hosts and inside the docker containers are correct.

I know the inject node (on specific time) is working with Cron but I can not check it in the containers. Anybody an idea where it can be wrong or where to look further?

Have you injected the right TZ environment variable into the Docker container?

Yes, I think I did. But all three get the same timezone injected. (They are in a global service, so the same configuration)

I had mounted the timezone and a local time... it was years ago when I made this docker swarm service. Removed those mounts and put the timezone as an environment variable to the service config and it works as expected.

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