Inject Node with fixed time does not work

Hey Guys,
I am using an "inject" node with a fixed timing (like 17:08)

But if time goes by and it gets 17:08, nothing happens.
If I click the inject button manually at 17:08:05 it triggers, but it does not work automatically.

Does anyone have an idea why ?


I am using Node-Red 2.2.2

Can't answer your specific question but I can offer an alternative. Cron-plus node

It will be using the time setting of the device running Node-RED, which may not be the same as your local time. Try setting the time as UTC and see if that works.

the issue seems to be that the server time and the debugger time is different


how can set it the "right" way ?

is it possible to set the cron-plus node in a way, that it does NOT forward messages outside a given time horizon (e.g. 0600-1500) ?

Depends what you need. for example 0 * 6-14 * * * will fire every minute from 06:00~14:59


Alternatively, you can fire a msg with topic "stop" or "start" and payload of "schedule-name" to dynamically enable/disable a schedule.

The options are all possible.

PS there is extensive built in help (help tab) and built in demos (Ctrl-I --> examples)

Use the Within-time node and set it to the time to block certain messages (or allow) depending on your logic


basically cron-plus looks like a good idea, but unfortunately it does not send its values in the payload, but in a object inside payload instead:


can I somehow change it ?
is this a bug ? or a feature ?

Is the debug attached directly to the output of the CRON+ node?

What you are showing suggests the payload has been altered downstream OR you have another schedule with "topic3" sending that value.


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