Inject node with multiple payload and topic


If I need to use an inject node and need to work with two msg.topic where the topic text is:

And name1 is using one payload and name2 another payload, how can I make the inject node and send the data to a switch node, so name1/payload1 is send to one output and name2/payload2 is send to another output?

The inject node will only allow one msg.topic for a single msg.

Why not use two inject nodes connecting to the switch node?

Hi Zenofmud

My problem is, that I have a motion detector, when that is "motion=true" then it fires an payload to my alarm to trigger (That is one topic and payload) but then I also need to activate a siren (smoke detector) so I use that to sound an alarm-siren (That's another topic and payload)

So the thats why I think one inject node with to topic, that have a relationship... if i'm using two inject nodes, how can I then trigger inject node 2, if inject node 1 motion is true?

Wont this work?
Untitled 3


Or if you prefer:

Thx Jbudd that will work ok.

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