Injector node with value and timestamp

I´m struggeling with a what I think is a very simple problem.
I want to mimik live devices to test in flows, but I can´t get it right.
I want a injector node that sends a value and a timestamp, like the live devices do.
I´ve tried to set "msg.payload.value" to a number, then add a second row with "msg.payload" and choosed "timestamp" (or just "msg.value) on the first row.
I´ve also tried some change-nodes and function-nodes to make an object with value and timestamp as well, but no luck.
I probably gonna be somewhat embarrassed when I see how simple it was to do it : -)
Clarifying: I want the injector node produce something like this:

2023-07-21 08:01:50[node: debug 23]
80/obj/lora/24e124535c524720/button : msg.payload : Object
{ value: 1, timestamp: 1689919311 }



Thanks :slight_smile:
I think I tried every thinkable combinations, but not "payload.timestamp"...hrmpfh
Thanks again!

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