Input numeric data from Dashboard

Hello, can we use numeric Dashboard node in order to change settings into a node, for example change the delay of a delay node. Or is there any other way to do it without opening the node? Thanks

Did you read the node's Info tab?

Here's the basics how it can be done


Hello HotNipi, thanks for your reply.
I've been trying your flow but the "variable delay node" gets overide to it's default value each time i'm pushing the inject mode, see screen shot

As I said, example was to indicate basics.
What you'll need to do is to store the value from numeric into flow context (or global context if needed) and use it every time as last known good value for delay.

Is there some way to get the Inject node to use a number from the dashboard for its repeat interval? I'd like to make that user-configurable.

node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler ??

It looks like that's limited to one on/off event a day. It's great for controlling something that operates once a day.

I have a pet feeder I want to turn on and off about every 1-2 hours, and it need not do so with any relation to the wall clock. The Inject node is great for this, but I have to edit and restart the flow to adjust the repeat interval. (The feeder dispenses a measured amount when it turns on. It comes with a mechanical lamp timer with plastic tabs for every 15 minutes so I could turn the thing on and off every 1/2 hour if I wanted.I replaced the timer with an Ikea remote switch and Node-RED.)

You could try the trigger node set to resend every x ... and set to allow msg.delay to set the delay (in mS I think)

That looks promising. Perhaps two Triggers in a loop to create the repeat, a UI node to inject the delay value into one of them, and something to remember the delay in a context across reboots.

(The funny thing is that I can see the code in C++ but I'll have to think about it to create a flow like that. I'll bet it would make a nice sub-flow for reuse by others.)