Input required for a cheat sheet of node-red-mcu(-plugin)

Hi folks,

I am trying to find some time to experiment a bit with node-red-mcu from @phoddie and node-red-mcu-plugin from @ralphwetzel.

Very fascinating technology! But I am having some troubles to get started. I have to admit that a main issue is my lack of knowledge about the subject. Due to free time constraints, I have never looked in detail at mcu's and all related stuff. So here we are now:

  • I had to install a series of tools, and in fact I didn't know what I was installing.
  • The sidebar offers a number of (technical) options, and I didn't know what I needed to select.
  • Some errors occur in the xterm terminal inside the sidebar, and I had no clue what it was all about.
  • And so on...

As a result I am not making much progress. But the whole team is VERYsupportive (Ralph, Peter, Andy, ...). A real school example of an open-source project. However the amount of noob questions I had to ask them is getting embarrassing...

So in order to get a bit more understanding about all this stuff, I am trying to create a cheat sheet diagram to visualize the entire setup:

  • To visualize the entire architecture
  • To explain where which installed tools are being used
  • To show the entire flow that messages will have to travel to go to the mcu and back to Node-RED.
  • To (hopefully) understand the logs/commands better, to allow me to do troubleshooting on my own.
  • ...

Here is my first draft version:

This version will certainly contain incorrect stuff, and important info will be missing. So I would really appreciate if the community can give feedback to turn this draft version into a usefull diagram. It always helps if you just draw some extra stuff on top of my diagram, and share the updated version. Doesn't matter if it is drawn quick and sloppy!!!

Hopefully afterwards this cheat sheet support other users, that want to get started with this magnificent piece of software.



That is brilliant Bart. I can't comment much on the accuracy, but what I understand so far looks good. I think that will be very useful.