Insert into postgre db

Hi community,

I am using node red 1.2.6 and a POSTGRESQL13 db and want to insert values into the db with the node "postgrestor".

My query within the node:
INSERT INTO tightnesstest (diffpressure, carrier, toolid, tsp) VALUES($1, $2, $3, $4);

Table tightnesstest has 4 columns:

  • diffpressure varchar[255]
  • carrier int
    -toolid int
    -tsp timestamp

With the command line I can write an read the table with e.g. the query "INSERT INTO tightnesstest (diffpressure, carrier, toolid, tsp) VALUES(22,12,12345,'2021-02-16');", but with the node "postgrestor" I can not and I do not receive any error message.

Has anybody an idea why?

I have problems with the same
I activate the flow but I do not receive an agglome response from the node.
any news about this ??
did you manage to solve it?

edit: i founded this and it works for me @open-kappa/node-red-contrib-mydb

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