Inserting to mySql database

Hello guys, I need help inserting the value from a function to my MySql database but every time I deploy, it says "Error: ER_BAD_FIELD_ERROR: Unknown column 'available' in 'field list'" "

This is my flow so the change node switches the payload into string then that goes to the insert query function
msg.topic = "INSERT INTO parking(Slot 1) VALUES("+ msg.payload +")";
return msg;

msg.topic = "INSERT INTO `parking`(`Slot 1`) VALUES(`"+ msg.payload +"`)";
return msg;

Has that change fixed it? it is not clear from your post. Mark it as the solution if it has.
Otherwise start by putting a debug showing what is going into the sql node. Set it to Show Complete Message and check that it shows what you expect.

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