Installing Node.JS on Windows

For those, like myself, who didn't know this.

The official Windows installer for Node.JS now includes the required build tools. Therefore, npm install -g windows-build-tools should no longer be needed.

I am about to test this as I'm testing a new installation of Windows 11 if it doesn't work, I will update this post.

@knolleary, I think that the windows section of the install guide will need updating.

As a non-Windows user, I can't really help with that. If you have an update for the docs you could PR the updates you think should be there.

I'm a bit stretched for time as I have some family matters to deal with (I'm just taking a quick break to update my W11 test PC and thought I'd test Node-RED given the recent unpleasent post). I'll try to get to the docs when time permits.

Do you know what the effect of running that will be? Will it install loads of stuff again or will effectively be a no-op (or a little-op at least)?

I've not tried any upgrade combinations I'm afraid. This is a clean PC pretty much and it didn't have much on it since it was just a quick test of W11 UI some months back and I haven't had time to touch it since then.

I think that windows-build-tools simply installs the Microsoft C/C++ compiler and some dependent .NET libraries, maybe Python as well if it can't find one. So I imagine that removing that package will have zero effect. But don't moan at me if I'm wrong!!

I've only just noticed that I don't seem to have the package installed on my dev PC either so I probably forgot (it is a fairly new PC) to install it :grinning:

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