Installing ssl certificate in nodered on home assistant

I need to get nodered to work with home assistant and get this error:
SSL has been enabled using the ‘ssl’ option,
[20:53:10] FATAL: this requires a SSL certificate file which is
[20:53:10] FATAL: configured using the ‘certfile’ option in the
[20:53:10] FATAL: add-on configuration.
[20:53:10] FATAL:
[20:53:10] FATAL: Unfortunately, the file specified in the
[20:53:10] FATAL: ‘certfile’ option does not exists.
[20:53:10] FATAL:
[20:53:10] FATAL: Please ensure the certificate file exists and
[20:53:10] FATAL: is placed in the ‘/ssl/’ directory.
[20:53:10] FATAL:
[20:53:10] FATAL: In case you don’t have SSL yet, consider getting
[20:53:10] FATAL: a SSL certificate or setting the ‘ssl’ option
[20:53:10] FATAL: to ‘false’ in case you are not planning on using
[20:53:10] FATAL: SSL with this add-on.
[20:53:10] FATAL:
[20:53:10] FATAL: Check the add-on manual for more information.

Not sure how to change the ssl certificate. New to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also need to learn how to set the credential secret

That's probably a question for the Home Assistant forums, since I believe they run Node-RED in a docker container in the "HA OS" and very few of use here run Home Assistant.

Also those errors don't look like they've come from Node-RED

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