Intelligent subflow displaynaming

I tried to cut together a simple demo of how I do today instead of using sub nodes because the limitation of not having a way of knowing what some params are without opening it.
Leaving me with 100 anonymous node blocks OR having to write every command twise, once in a env and one in the Name field, and then always typing correct twise.

there is already a way to format the output of UI_nodes that work well, I just want to reuse it here.

I have been waiting for the possibility to get to the Name property in the subflow, this solution would work even better to solve the same problem i think

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Hi @HenrikSchmidt

my apologies for missing this post - thanks for the nudge.

I think there is some merit to this suggestion. Custom nodes are able to set custom functions to generate their label based on node properties. It would seem having a similar capability with the subflow nodes would be useful.

I'll add it to the backlog.

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That said, there is a problem with the feature as you describe it.

If I set the subflow name to {{Command}} {{Value}} as you suggest, so those properties will be substituted into the label in the editor, that means the subflow will be labelled with {{Command}} {{Value}} in the palette - as that label isn't tied to a specific instance of the subflow to get its values.

We do have the concept of a paletteLabel property - which allows a node to specify what label should appear in the palette versus what label to appear when the node is added to the workspace.

If we add this feature, we'd need a way for the user to optionally also set the palette label. So it requires a bit more thought and effort than simply adding support for {{ }} syntax.