Interval Specific Time Of Day

Hey everyone,

Very new to node-red.

I have a flow I want to execute daily at 1pm. It seems like the timestamp interval uses cron from what I gather so uses the unix timestamp to determine the time then set this as the time of the interval.

Is there a way I can use a timezone specific time so I don't need to calculate the time I actually need and factor things for daylight savings etc?

Seems like this is the solution:

Are you using an Inject node? If so the time you specify is the local time. If it doesn't use the local time then probably the timezone on the machine running node-red is not correct.

Hey Colin I was using the inject node and setting the time interval.

Don't set the time interval - set the at specific time

That's what I was doing.

Coling was correct the timezone on my machine is incorrect.

Using cronplus lets me specify the timezone which solved my issue.

If you set the timezone on your machine correctly then you could use the Inject node.